The Big Tech Construction Opportunity for Concrete Producers

Technology industry infrastructure is a sector with massive growth potential for concrete producers. Because of its low-carbon innovation potential and durability, concrete is the perfect material for the construction of data centers, fulfillment centers, and technology campuses.

With Big Tech’s increased focus on carbon neutrality and carbon negativity, low-carbon concrete offers an excellent opportunity for producers to gain a competitive advantage to produce concrete for these large projects.

Watch this lively panel discussion with LinkedIn and Compass Datacenters and learn how:

  • LinkedIn constructed its new campus with low-carbon concrete to meet its carbon commitments;
  • Compass Datacenters prioritizes low-carbon concrete in its new datacenters to secure Big Tech contracts;
  • Concrete producers can create a competitive advantage by offering sustainable concrete products to meet the demands of the tech industry — and the growing number of industries following in its footsteps.


Webinar Speakers


Jennifer Mitchell,         Nancy Novak
Senior Manager,          Chief Innovation Officer,               
Design + Build             Compass Datacenters