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A Concrete Carbon Removal Solution

Permanent. Scaling. Verifiable.

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Metric Tons of CO₂ Saved

CarbonCure’s Carbon Removal Technologies

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CarbonCure permanently locks captured carbon dioxide in concrete — for millennia. Upon injection, the CO₂ immediately turns into rock. Even if this concrete is demolished, mineralized CO₂ will never leak or return to the atmosphere.

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Our award-winning technologies are exponentially scaling, installed in hundreds of concrete plants and doubling CO₂ savings year after year across thousands of construction projects around the world.

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CarbonCure tracks CO₂ at a granular level, from the point of capture through to mineralization. Our carbon removal buyers can trace the precise deployment date and location of each CO₂ molecule they paid to remove.

How it Works

CO2 Injection

CarbonCure injects captured CO₂ into concrete during mixing where it chemically converts into a calcium carbonate mineral, remaining embedded within the concrete for millenia.

CO2 Mineralization

This 400 nm dimension image shows the nano-calcium carbonate particles that result from mineralization, immediately forming upon injection.

A Concrete Carbon Dioxide Removal Solution

Global Recognition

Carbon XPRIZE Winner

Team CarbonCure is proud to have taken home the Grand Prize of the $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition.

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Award-Winning Innovation

CarbonCure’s innovative solutions have been recognized by many prestigious awards, including North America’s 2020 Cleantech Company of the Year by Cleantech Group.

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Out of the Sky, Into Concrete

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An Introduction to CarbonCure’s Verified Carbon Dioxide Removal Program

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Carbon Removal with CarbonCure Concrete: A Permanent Storage Solution

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Carbon Removal with CarbonCure Concrete: Immediate, Here and Now

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