The Concrete Way to Permanently Store Carbon

High-quality carbon credits that make an impact 

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Metric Tons of CO₂ Saved

Why CarbonCure?

CarbonCure’s award-winning carbon utilization technologies reduce the carbon footprint of concrete. We work with hundreds of concrete producers around the world to mineralize and avoid tens of thousands of metric tons of carbon emissions annually. In turn, this generates high-quality carbon credits that deliver immediate, scalable, high-impact climate benefits.

Investing in our carbon credits will help us build a global network of concrete plants that also act as carbon removal factories, and accelerate and scale the decarbonization of the concrete industry.

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How it Works

CarbonCure’s suite of technologies inject captured CO₂ into fresh concrete during manufacturing, where it reacts with cement to transform into a mineral that in turn strengthens the concrete. The mineralized CO₂ is permanently locked away and will never be released back into the atmosphere, even if the concrete is later demolished. This mineralization also boosts the concrete’s compressive strength, enabling reductions of carbon-intensive cement in each truckload.

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CarbonCure’s Carbon Utilization Technologies

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CarbonCure permanently locks captured carbon dioxide in concrete — for millennia. Upon injection, the CO₂ immediately turns into rock. Even if this concrete is demolished, mineralized CO₂ will never leak or return to the atmosphere.

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Our award-winning technologies are scaling, installed in hundreds of concrete plants and exponentially increasing CO₂ savings year after year across thousands of construction projects around the world.

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CarbonCure tracks CO₂ at a granular level, from the point of capture through to mineralization. Our carbon credit buyers can trace the precise deployment date and location of each CO₂ molecule.

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“It’s near impossible to find credits in the market with this level of permanence and verifiability at the quantities CarbonCure has available right now.”

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Global Recognition

Carbon XPRIZE Winner

Team CarbonCure is proud to have taken home the Grand Prize of the $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition.

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Award-Winning Innovation

CarbonCure’s innovative solutions have been recognized by many prestigious awards, including North America’s 2020 Cleantech Company of the Year by Cleantech Group.

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