Carbon Removal with CarbonCure Concrete: A Measurable and Verifiable Solution

The drumbeat of reports from the world’s top climate bodies is unequivocal: It’s a climate necessity to both reduce and remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to slow climate change. At CarbonCure Technologies, we proudly offer an innovative solution that does both, in a way that is measurable and verifiable.

We support the concrete industry as it aims for carbon neutrality by 2050. It won’t be easy. Concrete’s key ingredient – cement – is carbon-intensive, accounting for about 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. 

But our technologies reduce the industry’s carbon footprint in two ways: 

  1. As the concrete is being mixed, captured CO2 is injected into the concrete. It immediately reacts with the cement and mineralizes. 
  2. This carbon mineralization strengthens the concrete and enables a reduction in cement, producing the same high-quality concrete with fewer carbon emissions.

For carbon removal buyers, the added benefit of our technologies is that we can precisely measure every metric ton of CO2 saved. 

Measuring What Goes In and What Stays Out to Provide a Verifiable Carbon Removal Solution

Our technology is particularly well-suited for measuring its impact. CarbonCure’s Valve Box injects a prescriptive amount of CO2 into each mix. The exact volume of CO2 injected and mineralized is measured using sophisticated IoT technology. The CO2 can be traced from its source, through the manufacturing of the concrete, right to its final destination – in residential, commercial, industrial or public works projects – providing end-to-end traceability. 

To meet industry strength requirements, every batch of concrete contains a precise amount of cement. But thanks to our carbon mineralization process, CarbonCure concrete is able to achieve the same strength while using less cement. That cement reduction is compared to the amount needed to generate the same strength requirement without injecting CO2. The difference between the two is used to reliably calculate the emissions avoided. The result is a high-integrity carbon removal credit, providing a verifiable solution for carbon removal buyers.

Added Trust: Verra-Approved Methodology for Calculating Carbon Removal Credits 

In 2021, CarbonCure’s methodology for calculating carbon removal credits was verified by Verra. This made us the first – and so far only – permanent, carbon removal technology solution to receive this verification. The Verified Carbon Standard Program employed a rigorous assessment process using technically sound GHG-reduction quantification methodology specific to the concrete industry. It also included life-cycle assessments and comprehensive documentation. The entire process was audited by Verra staff and qualified, independent third parties to ensure standards were met and methodologies were properly applied. All in all, it was a thorough, four-year journey, validating more than a decade of research, development and deployment of CarbonCure’s technologies.

Available and Scalable Now from a Company with a Proven Track Record

Rob Niven founded CarbonCure in 2012. But he began developing his early iterations of our carbon mineralization technologies years prior. Today, CarbonCure has a global reach, with more than 500 systems sold to concrete producers around the world. In 2020, we were named North American Cleantech Company of the Year and in 2021, we won the multi-million-dollar Carbon XPRIZE. In 2022, we’ve already celebrated our induction into the Global Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame.

As XPRIZE executive director Marcius Extavour said, “CarbonCure’s solution for the concrete industry exemplifies XPRIZE’s ideal innovation – it is effective, commercially viable and scalable – and it can make a real difference to climate change today.” 

CarbonCure’s solution is truly a win-win, both removing legacy emissions through mineralization and preventing new emissions through cement reductions. We have proven technologies, industry adoption and global reach; our challenge now is time. Simply put: in the race against climate change, we need all hands on deck.

We are grateful for CarbonCure’s community of carbon removal buyers. Their credit purchases are accelerating our growth, driving the deployment of our low carbon concrete technologies and advancing new solutions to further reduce and remove carbon emissions. That’s a path we’re committed to following. Will you join us?

If you are interested in CarbonCure’s carbon removal credits, contact for more details.

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