CarbonCure’s Expansion Across Europe

As the world prepares to gather at the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28) of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC), CarbonCure Technologies is very proud to highlight our expansion across the European continent with multiple concrete producer partners adopting our technologies and advancing sustainability. 

European Concrete Producers Embracing Innovation

Producers of all shapes and sizes across Europe are seamlessly integrating our stackable technologies into their operations to reduce the environmental impact of concrete production. CarbonCure Ready Mix technology allows producers to optimize mix designs, safely reduce cement content and lower concrete’s carbon footprint—with no impact on quality or performance. 

Combined with CarbonCure Reclaimed Water technology, concrete producers can further optimize cement consumption, reduce water costs and cut their carbon footprint by injecting CO2 into reclaimed water slurry, stabilizing and enhancing the cementitious fines for beneficial reuse. CarbonCure is excited to be installing the first such reclaimed water system outside North America, located in Lyon, France.

Our field-leading concrete industry partners across Europe using CarbonCure’s technologies include:

Kilsaran, Ireland 

Kilsaran became CarbonCure’s first ready mix producer partner in Europe in 2022. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability practices, it was also the first concrete producer in Ireland to introduce ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS), a by-product from steel production as a partial cement replacement over 20 years ago. As part of its overall vision and strategy on sustainability, the pioneering company’s move to incorporate CarbonCure at its two largest ready mix plants was the next logical step in its low carbon journey. 

Marshalls, UK

Marshalls, a uniquely innovative, UK-based precast concrete manufacturer, adopted CarbonCure technology to reduce the emissions associated with its brick production. Using waste CO2 from the fertilizer industry as a CO2 source, Marshalls estimates that its CarbonCure usage will permanently remove approximately 30,000kg of CO2 every year. This initiative is part of Marshalls' broader strategy to reduce emissions and explore sustainable concrete manufacturing processes, reflecting the growing industry trend towards environmentally conscious practices. 

Consolis Tecnyconta, Spain

Consolis Tecnyconta began using CarbonCure technology in its precast concrete products—first in the Spanish market—in a bid to help its customers build smarter and more sustainably. With CarbonCure, the talented team at Consolis Tecnyconta helps its customers to build smarter and more sustainably. The company is part of Consolis, a leading European industrial group providing sustainable precast concrete structures for the building and utilities sectors.

Breedon, Scotland

Breedon has ambitious 2030 targets, including a 30% reduction in gross CO2 emissions per metric ton of cementitious product. In addition, 50% of its concrete and asphalt sales revenue comes from products with enhanced sustainability attributes. Breedon adopted CarbonCure in collaboration with its client, Scottish Water, which also has ambitious net zero targets. This exciting collaboration highlights the potential for significant emission reductions in construction projects across Scotland and the UK.

Building Successful Distribution Channels in Europe

The expansion of CarbonCure's technologies in Europe is driven, in part, by strategic collaboration with key distributors. These distributors are essential in bridging the gap between innovative carbon reduction technologies and local markets. By leveraging their local expertise and networks, BIBKO, Edilteco and Pneutrol International Limited are instrumental in accelerating the adoption of CarbonCure's technologies by making sustainable solutions accessible to a wider range of producers across the region.


Edilteco plays a crucial role in bringing CarbonCure’s technologies to France, Italy and the Benelux region, key markets for the expansion of CarbonCure in Europe. A tremendous champion for both the environmental and economic benefits of using CarbonCure, Edilteco’s commitment extends beyond distribution, as it focuses on educating and supporting local concrete manufacturers in adopting these technologies. 

Pneutrol International Limited

Pneutrol International Limited is the authorized distributor for CarbonCure in Ireland and Northern Ireland and exemplifies proactive engagement in promoting sustainable construction practices. Like Editelco in continental Europe, Pneutrol goes beyond distribution and is actively involved in supporting the implementation of CarbonCure technologies, providing technical assistance, and ensuring smooth integrations into existing plant processes.


BIBKO, the leading supplier of concrete recycling systems, is the German distributor of CarbonCure's Reclaimed Water technology. Through our collaboration, producers can now easily access a complete, integrated set of solutions from BIBKO and CarbonCure for the recycling, CO2 treatment and beneficial reuse of reclaimed water.

Integrating with Common Regional Production Practices: GGBS

Responding to growing market demand for greener concrete, key producers across the region are adopting innovative technologies like CarbonCure, along with traditional practices such as the use of ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS), to reduce their environmental impact. 

GGBS has been a staple in European concrete production for its environmental benefits for many years. CarbonCure's technologies, which inject recycled CO2 into concrete, complement GGBS by further reducing the carbon footprint and has no adverse effects on performance, finishability or durability. 

The below chart and figure show the strength performance and fresh and hardened property comparison of a reference CEM II cement with GGBS and the same mix with CarbonCure. See the full research study for more details.

Growing Demand for Low Carbon Concrete 

CarbonCure's expanding presence in Europe reflects the urgent need highlighted by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) for the European Union for ambitious policies and financial support to enable energy-efficient and more sustainable construction practices. In line with that, the European construction sector is increasingly recognizing that low carbon concrete can be a driving force in decarbonizing the built environment and meeting net zero commitments.

The WorldGBC's policy emphasizes the need for decarbonizing buildings and construction—one of the most heavily emitting sectors—and aligns with the rising demand for low carbon concrete across Europe.

Through its collaborations, CarbonCure is not just reducing the environmental impact of concrete. It is also boosting concrete businesses and contributing to the WorldGBC’s vision of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

To ensure your construction practices align with the latest EU policies and contribute to a sustainable future, we want to hear from you. Find a producer or contact our team for more information on CarbonCure’s technologies. 

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