Concrete Masonry & Sustainability

A. Jandris and Sons show their commitment to sustainability by embracing the innovative CarbonCure Technologies, which reduce the carbon footprint of their concrete masonry units and building projects.

To learn more about CarbonCure, visit CarbonCure.com.

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Masonry is sustainable.

The cement and concrete industries are continually developing new ways to reduce their carbon impact. Concrete masonry units are inherently sustainable building materials, since they are resilient, durable, efficient and versatile.

Masonry is innovative.

Concrete masonry units can be made with many kinds of recycled material, now including recycled CO2. We have partnered with CarbonCure to reduce the carbon footprint of our concrete masonry units, which helps designers and developers realize the sustainable benefits of the world’s most abundant man-made material.

For more information visit www.sustainableconcrete.org and www.buildwithstrength.com.


What is CarbonCure?

The CarbonCure Process

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CarbonCure Technology: How it Works

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CarbonCure is a Concrete Solution for the Design Community

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Case Study

MGM Springfield Casino & Resort

Project Details
MGM Resorts International
Architects: Friedmutter Group
Project Size: 2 million square feet
CMU Supplier: A. Jandris & Sons
Total CMUs Used: 12,000
Completion: August 2018
Total CO₂ Saved: 1,900 lbs

MGM Springfield Resort and Casino in Springfield, Massachusetts was made with 120,000 CMUs infused with recycled CO₂, thanks to CarbonCure Technologies. As a result, A. Jandris & Sons saved a total of 1,900 lbs of CO₂. That is equivalent to the amount of CO₂ sequestered by 1 acre of forest in a year.


CarbonCure’s Environmental Contribution

CarbonCure has a positive life cycle impact

CarbonCure's technology permanently captures waste CO2 from the smokestacks of local industrial emitters into concrete. Without CarbonCure, this CO2 would have otherwise been emitted into the air as pollution.

The net benefit to the environment is calculated as the amount of CO2 captured or avoided, minus the amount of CO2 used in the process for transportation and energy.

Typically the net CO2 reduction through CarbonCure is...

- 30 lb CO2 per 1,000 concrete masonry units

CarbonCure's technology helps contribute toward the Whole Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction credit under LEED v4.1.

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How to Specify CarbonCure

Working with CarbonCure to reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete in your project is easy!

  1. Contact your local CarbonCure sales rep to discover what CarbonCure products are available in your region.

  2. Download CarbonCure’s spec language for concrete masonry products.

  3. Insert the CarbonCure spec language into your concrete masonry specifications.

  4. Install a project with CarbonCure Concrete Masonry products and request a case study detailing the carbon reduction on your project.

  5. Promote your commitment to sustainability!

Don’t hesitate to contact your local CarbonCure sales representative if you have any questions.


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