Committed to Your Success: CarbonCure’s Technical Services & Support Program

At CarbonCure, we understand that integrating new technology into established processes can be challenging. That's why our Technical Services & Support (TSS) team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful adoption of our technology from the outset.

In this short blog post, we explore all the ways our Technical Services Specialists support you and your team, so you achieve the maximum impact and return on your investment in CarbonCure.

1. Data Collection

Before installation, our TSS team collaborates with your quality control team both in person and remotely. We collect historical production and batching data through digital integration with your batching systems. This data is then used to determine the top mixes for CO2 formula adjustment to ensure a seamless implementation and testing process.

2: Lab Testing

During the integration process, your raw materials are sent to the CarbonCure Customer Lab in Halifax for evaluation. These materials are tested to show the reactivity of the CO2 with your design and materials. 

2: Field Testing

Based on the results from our lab tests, the TSS team recommends specific CO2 dosages (typically 0.1% to 0.5% CO2 by weight of cement) and cement optimization levels. We then conduct field tests to compare the performance of the optimized mixes against historical averages and control tests, ensuring that every adjustment maintains the high quality of concrete you expect.

The TSS team prepares reports for your teams to review, including data analysis that helps us identify opportunities for additional cementitious optimization in other mixes. 

Mix Adjustment Testing Results

This graph indicates that there is  no difference in strength  between the adjusted mix (with reduced cement and the added carbon dioxide) and the control mix.

This graph indicates the equivalency in strength between the optimized cement mix with CO2 and the control mix.

3: Mix Design Submittals

The TSS team also supports your team with the development of mix design submittals for commercial projects, providing detailed product data sheets and assisting with data collection to streamline the process for concrete producers.

An aerial view of the new LinkedIn headquarters in Mountain View, CA being constructed with CarbonCure concrete supplied by Central Concrete Supply Co. More info about the project can be found in the recent coverage by CNN.

4: Setting Production Targets

Once initial testing and integration are complete, the TSS team works closely with your operations to set achievable production targets. These targets are designed to maximize the efficiency and environmental benefits of CarbonCure’s technologies while ensuring the financial viability and rapid return on investment (ROI) for your business. We leverage a combination of historical data analysis and ongoing performance monitoring to set these targets.

5: Navigating Carbon Credits

The TSS team is integral in helping you navigate the process of carbon credit generation. By ensuring that all carbon reduction methods meet the Verra methodology standards, we assist in verifying and documenting the cement reductions from your CO2 utilization. This not only adds an environmental incentive but also enhances the economic returns from adopting CarbonCure’s technologies.

6. Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with implementation. The TSS team provides continuous support and guidance, acting as an extension of your QC/Technical department. Whether it’s answering queries from your customers or providing additional training and updates, we ensure that you feel confident and supported at every step. Our ongoing interaction helps adapt and optimize processes and facilitates the expansion of CarbonCure’s technologies across your operations.

7. Continuous Feedback & Improvement

Our TSS team's efforts significantly impact our customer’s satisfaction. For instance, we have tailored our Production Increase Reports to meet specific customer needs based on their feedback, which has been instrumental in enhancing their operational efficiency. 

Depending on your preference, we can connect via regular biweekly meetings and ad-hoc direct phone calls, emails, and Zoom calls to maintain open lines of communication and promptly address any questions or concerns.

Get to Know the TSS Team Members

This introduction to our TSS team sets the stage for you to get to know our Technical Services Specialists and Managers so you can learn more about each team member’s unique contributions. 

Join us as we explore their stories and celebrate the successes they’ve helped customers like you achieve!

Collin Bender
Technical Services Manager

Anthony Michael Ferrante
Technical Services Specialist

Ian M Bacich
Technical Services Specialist

Jeffrey McDowell
Technical Services Specialist

Brady Miller
Technical Services Specialist

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